Frequently Asked Questions

FAQQ: How does your engagement begin?

A: Think of ChargebackOps as an extension of your staff. All we require is access to the same systems your staff uses today:

  • Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Processor
  • CRM System

Once we have access we can begin work immediately. There is no need to involve your IT group and no special integration is necessary. Okay, let's get started!

Q: Will my Payment Gateway/Merchant Processor take issue with you providing access?

A: No. This has become standard practice and most payment gateways and merchant processors provide for multiple logins managed by the client.

Q: How will I know if your service is effective?

A: Simple. We provide weekly analytics showing your win-back rates and the ROI of our engagement.

Q: Do you use dedicated chargeback account analysts?

A: Yes. We see higher win-back rates and better client engagement by using dedicated analysts.

Q: Do you support ad-hoc reporting and provide client dashboards?

A: Yes. We have the best reporting and dashbards in the market. Through our real-time, ad-hoc reporting, we adapt your reports to your business.

Q: Why do you use a tiered pricing structure?

A: Our tiered pricing model allows us to work chargeback avoidance strategies as aggressively as we do fighting your reversals.